Javier Grassl. Soy un estudiante de El Salvador, viviendo en Buenos Aires desde  2013. Creé este blog para compartir las aventuras, la arquitectura, el fútbol, la cultura,  y todas mis experiencias en la capital de Argentina. En donde siempre he sido mejor capturando un lugar en fotos que en palabras. Y todas las Fotos han sido tomadas con celular LG G2 , GoPro Hero 3+ , y por ahora estrenando una Nikon D3300


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My niece spent a year during college in Argentina (Santiago, tho’). She’s now a doctor, and her boyfriend is from Argentina as well — I’d love to visit. Good luck!

  2. Gracias por venir a mi página. Me gustan tus fotos 🙂 Te seguiré. My Spanish is limited, had a class in college. But haven’t been using it for more than a year now. I am looking forward to reading your posts in Spanish though 🙂

  3. Javier thanks for visiting my blog site which I just started a week ago, so I am still developing it, and smoothing off the edges. I will continue to improve and update it going forward. You are awesome dude. You are a student going to school in Buenos Aires. YOU are exactly the reason I am blogging, as I love to travel and meet people around the globe. Here we are making contact across the globe. It’s awesome! Keep up the nice work on your blog, I will be keeping an eye on you. LOL. Later… Jimmy

  4. Thanks again Javier for checking out my blog. I will endeavor to continue to improve it. It’s only 1 week old, so still in development. I am also following your blog. Thanks again… JimmyBradburn

  5. Hello Javier, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog and photos and will follow along and enjoy having a Buenos Aires connection. All the best to you and yours! Shari

  6. Thank you very much for liking my blog piece. I have always wanted to master Spanish, which is such a beautiful language, even though I’m living in Korea now. I look forward to getting familiar with your blog. Muchas gracias, senor.

  7. Hola Javier, Gracias for finding my blog. The people of Guazapa (El Salvador) and the surrounding area need so much aid. I hope and pray new President Ceren will have a heart for them. If you can, please spread the word about my blog and possibly there will be new sponsors for the people who need medical help. Thank you again. I love your photos. They are amazing!

  8. Gracias for visiting my blog. No comprende Espanol, amigo. I’ll check out your post, too! Hasta Vista! That is almost the full extent of the Spanish I had in high school. And my Spanish name, Isabella.

  9. Buenas Javier!
    Thank you for the like on my blog. I’m glad you found it. It looks like you’re enjoying BA. I was only there for a short vacation but I really loved it. I even tried a tango class and had a blast! ( I usually never dance, I’m pretty clumsy). Your pictures brought back some good memories. 🙂


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